A Look Into Boheme Dream

Boheme Dream is a wearable ode to all things warm and cozy. Carefully handpicked, luxe fabrics, soft woven textures, and mixed prints come together in this collection to create an effortless California style for the wild and free. 


Get the look with Brandy Alexander of Groove Jet Salon & Bumble and Bumble

  1. Prep the hair by layering Prep Primer and Thickening Hairspray all over from roots to ends.
  1. Hand dry product into the hair while lifting from the temples to the top of the head to create maximum volume.  
  1. Once hair is dry brush through to smooth.
  1. Starting at the nape curl hair around a 1.5 inch curling iron.  Wrap the hair in alternating directions around the barrel like a ribbon.  Keep repeating until all the hair is curled.
  1. Spray with Spray De Mode after each section is curled.
  1. Brush through curls once they have cooled and apply a pea size drop of Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil running through mid-lengths and ends.
  1. Backcomb the crown of the hair to add extra hold and volume.  
  1. Tie back the hair leaving some framing the face.
  1. To add some whimsy and adornment wrap thin copper wire around small sections of the hair.  
  2.  Finish by spraying Dry Spun Finish to create texture in the soft curls. And Voila gorgeous dreamy hair is yours!

(content and styling via Brandy Alexander)

mua: spellbound 

Beauty By Britt Sharenow at Groove Jet Salon 

To create Tonyas effortless look, we kept things simple!

1. Start by prepping with a great moisturizer and primer for your skin

2. I then went in and started with the brows. Any one with brow envy can easily get a thicker brow look like T by swiping "gimmie brow" by benefit up and through!

3. With the "in bloom" tarte pallet you can't possibly go wrong on the eyes! A mixture of funny girl, rebel and charm are on her eyes! On the bottom we put no eyeliner and used a brown to smudge under the lashes going from lighter to darker. Pop on an inner corner highlight to make thoses peepers pop! 

4. After that tight line your top lash line with a brown or black eyeliner. Simplicity is key.  Use any mascara you want that makes your lashes luscious, Tonya has on "roller lash" by benefit to get them nice and long (this is not a waterproof mascara).

5. After the eyes, any sparkle that fell wipe off with a clean brush. To finish the look we used a BB cream, and concealer on those designer bags we have under the eyes.

6. We added warmth to the face with some blush in a soft peach and a bronzer, a little goes a long way :)

7. The last step of our face is to add a highlighter on the tops of the cheekbones. In a V around the eyes. This will make sure you have a glow all day long, be sure not to overdo it, less is always more. I recommend using a fan brush to swipe on highlighters to make blending easy.

8. Lastly I swiped on a soft lip color, I made sure to line the lips first with a natural lip color being sure to fill in up and down to hide those cracks and make her already perfect pout have an  illusion of being even bigger (without over lining) swipe on your favorite pinky nude and your a boho chic ready! 

 Step 1: Prime the face with Backlight Priming Filter, blending one pump into the skin with clean fingers or a makeup brush for an illuminated, perfected canvas.

Step 2: Using The One Perfecting Brush buff Ever-Matte Shine Proof Foundation into the skin starting in the center of the face and working out. 

Step 3: Using fingertips or a concealer brush, apply a small amount of Under Eye Brightening Corrector in an inverted triangle shape under the eye, extending the triangle out past the outer corner of the eye. Gently blending in using a patting motion.

Step 4: Allow 30-seconds to dry & follow with Ultimate Coverage Concealing Crème, patting under the eyes in the same inverted triangle shade. Spot treat around the nose and anywhere else that needs additional coverage.

Step 5: Using The One Perfecting Brush or fingers & Shimmering Skin Perfector Poured Crème in your favorite shade, trace the letter C around the eye in one continuous sweep and down the bridge of the nose. Repeat each motion as necessary, until the product is blended.


Step 6: Using The One Perfecting Brush buff a light layer of Mineral Blush in Nightingale onto the apples of the cheeks and sweep back toward the temples.

Step 7: Using an eyeshadow brush, sweep Ombre Rouge Eye Palette shade 2 along the lash line and up in to the crease. Next apply shade 3 to the crease of the lid, blending well. Then apply shade 4 to the outer corner of the lids and blend inward toward the inner coner of the eye.

Step 8: Using a damp angled brush, apply Ombre Rouge Eye Palette line the top and bottom lashes with shade 5.

(content via BECCA)

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