A Morning of Prayer



Join us at Tusc on August 9th at 8:30 AM as we gather together to pray for our city. Coffee will be provided by our downtown friends, Bespoke Coffee + Dry Goods, and worship led by Kalee Stikeleather and Natalie Smith. Please come out and get to know others in the community that have a heart to see change!

Our team has gathered together to plan a time of prayer for our city:

  • Atmosphere of Wilmington / we are expectant that the Holy Spirit will infiltrate the city in every niche of people + land, so that everyone + everything encounters it.

  • Identity / we are expectant that every individual will encounter their Creator and gain wisdom on their Kingdom identity.

  • Wilmington as a City on a Hill / we are expectant for transformation to occur - for others to experience the tangible mercy, love, hope, and grace Jesus generously offers. We believe in a transformation so full that our city illuminates throughout the nations.

Lately, I have just felt the Lord place it on my heart. I believe Heaven takes notice to all our prayers and when people gather together who all love our city and want to be a part of seeing things change for the better... it is powerful!


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