The Story of the Soaring Eagles

i am excited to introduce a sweet friend from our previous location downtown in the “hallway shops”, brooke eagle. she is a local artist we adore who is full of life, sweet to the core, and immensely gifted. her most recent acrylic paintings are inspired by many months of spontaneous traveling with her husband, caleb eagle, through countries including australia, hawaii, and indonesia, that can now be found in our store.

after separate mission trips in college working with children in ecuador, africa, and guatemala, brooke and caleb were left eager to explore the world. though the reality of doing so didn't come easy due to limitations from two week vacation time, day to day life expenses, and the thousands of dollars traveling back and forth from the states. as time passed, the two never lost their desire for traveling. brooke further explained, "we were about to buy a home and just had this overwhelming desire to step out of our comfort zones and dive into traveling full-time! this way we could experience numerous places and cultures while taking shorter hops across the world which would be less expensive with no time restraints." each of their steps began to unfold in front of them as they committed their hearts to this pursuit.

brooke continued, "once we decided that we were really doing it, we started working through our materialistic mindsets and ended up getting rid of a lot of things that we loved and thought we 'needed'. so caleb quit his job, we sold most of our stuff, and i painted like a mad woman trying to stock artwork while we were away.” much easier said than done. she continued, “it was no easy task leaving comforts, job security, friends and family behind- but we knew it was a part of the process. it was a super exciting time and was most definitely the wildest decision that we had made as a couple."

with many places in mind to go to, both brooke and caleb ended up leaving it all open handed by not having a specific plan for when or where they would go. brooke commented, “we did know that we wanted to chase summer and stay as warm as possible. since we left in november, taking the western route from california all the way to the middle east kept us warmer than ever, haha!” they began by working on a coffee farm on the big island of hawaii in exchange for their room and board, and from there they’d search for the least expensive flight for their next location. without a finalized travel itinerary, the two took lots of recommendation from their followers on instagram and were inspired by other travelers.

brooke shared, “some thought we were crazy and didn’t understand how we would make it possible and at times we thought the same thing, ha! …. thankfully we don’t regret it one bit, and highly recommend to travel local and far.”

join us on July 12th from 6 pm - 8 pm for some mocktails, live painting by brooke, and to learn more about each of the paintings: Waimea Bay 24x30, Banzai Pipeline 24x48, Wategos 24x30, Jonson Street 30x40, Lawson Street 24x24, Byron Beach 48x48, JI Raya Ubud 30x40, Uluwatu 24x24. until then, visit their instagram account, @thesoaringeagles, to view their travel adventures.


casey pham scanlan

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