The Frankenreiter Family


We fell in love this family album and post by the amazing Captain and the Gypsy Kid, featuring the Frankenreiter family up close and personal with their artistic creativity! Here's a glimpse into their life....



"Has two: when he’s on the road playing music I would say his style is  modern 70’s rock star, hats, denim, leather, excessive accessories, beaded shoes, too much of everything, distressed/vintage. But looks good on him. Home,relaxed surfer. cutoff board shorts, ripped  t shirts with mud stains,barefoot, salty hair, earth filled finger nails and  sun screened face, oh and paint stained feet"



"Life with Donavon, our two boys, Hendrix and Ozzy is like a dream. Everyday I wake up and think how did I get so lucky. I feel so blessed and never take a moment for granted. Our life does come with sacrifices and thats me and the boys being away from Donavon for long periods of time. Having this life takes a lot of work and doest come easy. We created everything we have on our own and feel extremely proud for what we have accomplished. The pay off is this beautiful life style we live. Having a home in Hawaii,  land for our boys to play and the slow paced way of life that this island gives us.  There is no “perfect” life nor would I want that. I love the highs and lows, dreaming, creating, manifesting,  and just trying to be the best wife, mom and friend I can possibly be."  


we love their way of life...creating and taking the most of every moment to think outside the box. 


Let's take a page from their book.


all my love, carissa

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