New Beginnings...

 As many of y'all know, we have been planning on moving locations for over a year into the space we leased on Princess St. Recently the space fell through and we we began the search for our next location. We weren't worried because the lord has always guided us exactly where He wants us and knew that everything happens for a reason. 

We are over the moon to announce we will be moving to Mayfaire come this April! So excited to be neighbors to many wonderful boutiques and shops in that area. We will miss our downtown crew and are so grateful to have called Front St. our home for the past few years. Many friends have been made in our space downtown and we are happy to see what's in-store for this new location! 

We will be expanding our clothing and accessories as well as offering home goods, and a mama + littles section of everything "where the desert meets the sea." We hope that when you think Tusc you think- neutral tones, quality fabrics, artisan handcrafted, and one of a kind pieces.

We hope to inspire a feeling of light and beauty to all who enter this new space.

Below are images we've compiled as inspiration for our renovation. We will be releasing more posts during this process so please stay tuned!








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Nath Mary
Nath Mary

May 21, 2022

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