The Treehouse Kitchen Tour

Lets start off the kitchen tour with a lil’ rendition of a lazy Sunday morning flaxseed and blueberry pancake tradition. Can I just brag on my hubs a bit and say he is the best healthy pancake maker EVER!?! I’m not even sure how he makes them, and I don’t even really care, as long as I get to eat them. And trust me when I say healthy, because he is the biggest health food nazi. Lucky me, all I have to do is make a salad for the guy and he thinks I’m the best cook in the world. 






 Malfatti Interiors Mission; to create perfectly imperfect spaces that free you to live a happy life.


—  Some people that speak Italian may say I’m crazy for naming my interior design business Malfatti, since in Italian, it literally means “badly made”. It's another word for the pasta known as gnocchi, which got its name because of its uneven rigid shape. It is not perfectly shaped pasta, like the others, yet it is perfect in its own way, and just as delicious!

Although I wasn't born with the last name Malfatti, I believe it now defines who I have become since marrying the man of my dreams, freeing myself from the corporate world, and following in his entrepreneurial footsteps. I have always been an optimist, so naturally, if I can redefine this negative connotation and turn it into a positive, Malfatti is indeed perfectly imperfect and also defines a particular style you will find in my designs. I appreciate authentic furnishings and materials that have a lived-in and carefree aesthetic. I’m determined to bring that same perfectly imperfect strategy to the spaces I design to help create the laid-back lifestyle my husband and I enjoy so much.

“I appreciate authentic furnishings and materials that have a lived-in and care-free aesthetic.”

What I love so much about this kitchen is that it came together completely organically. There wasn’t really a set design plan, but over time we added the things we love, piece by piece, and it has morphed into a collected kitchen. We reused all of the appliances and countertops from the main house. We also repurposed the cabinets from the main house, painting them white and adding black metal pulls and brass bohemian knobs. The wood for the open shelving was left over from the outdoor patio build and we snagged the butcher block island from one of our many visits to the design market in High Point. 


— In order to free you to live a happy life, function must reign over form. Custom cabinetry is beautiful, but I love how open shelving almost forces you to clear out the clutter of the unused and stay organized. I like to keep this in mind when designing any space. How will it be used? How should it flow? How can it be more convenient? All factors to consider so the design fits your lifestyle.

The ingredients we stock at our coffee bar coincide with our love for an organic lifestyle as well as our love for a neutral color pallette. I love the simplicity of the glass jars filled with cocoa powder, coffee, coconut flakes, and honey. When we’re feeling extra old fashioned, we’ll even make our own almond milk from soaked almonds, coconut water, and medjool dates. In keeping with our goal of filling our home with things that are aestheticaly pleasing as well as becoming a plastic-free home, we got rid of the electric coffee maker and we only  make coffee with our stainless steel Bialetti espresso maker or glass French press. There is something so beautiful about waking up to the slow sound of coffee bubbling up and pouring over in the Bialetti. It also feeds into the nostalgia of our desire for a slower-paced lifestyle.


For the most part, I like to keep my counters as clear as possible, however, the wooden tray filled with everyday cooking essentials is nice to have out, as wells as the wooden cooking spoons in a stainless steel container. The magnetic knife holder on the wall is a lifesaver for my clean counter OCD-ness…



We love an open floor plan, and while the kitchen is fairly small, the natural transition to the living spaces gives it such an open and airy feeling. The white walls and wood beams that stretch along the entire roofline help blur the lines from room to room, and I love that even though this is essentially a one bedroom apartment, it really feels so much bigger than that. After all, that is the main goal, to keep a natural flow of connecting spaces. 

Stay tuned for my next takeover tour of the living and dining spaces! You can check out more of the #malfattitreehouse on my instagram account @malfattiinteriors and my soon to come website



Meghan Malfatt

Wardrobe: Tusc Boutique

Model: Meghan Malfatti

Makeup: Michal Lauren MUA

Design/Styling: Malfatti Interiors

Photographer: Meagan Forbes

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Lara Logan

January 18, 2017

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