The Treehouse Living Room

The Treehouse Living Room

We searched and searched for the perfect couch that would fit this small space. One that would be low enough to maximize the view of the trees (another reason why we call it the treehouse), wide enough for the both of us to lay on next to each other, be able to stretch out our feet, AND not break the bank. I know we rack up a tall order and Yes! we are those people that you see taking mini naps in the furniture stores, but we managed to do it! This couch is perfect for our little big family!

The pillow overload situation is not something my husband is very excited about. I admit I have a bit of an obsession with textured pillows. They are so much fun to play with and move around from the couch, to the bench seat in the dining room, to using them as accents on the bed. The neutral colors make them so easy to transition from one space to the next. But my husband is a less-is-more kinda guy when it comes to pillows, so I like to move them around so he doesnt notice all of them piled up at once ;) … and the pillow battle continues….

However, there is a mutual love for our cacti babies! Mo (my husband) is the one in the family with the green thumb, but I am just as good of a plant mom when it comes to cacti, since they are very low maintenance and hard to kill. I might just have to add some more to the collection! ;P Are you noticing a trend here?…?…

I also like to keep maximum pillows on the couch so this lil furry monster doesnt think its just another soft bed for him to shed on…. but that never lasts long, because my husband is a softy most of the time and moves the pillows so he can lay with us… (eyes rolling… I still love them!


— Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and there is potential in every space I see. Reusing and repurposing is a passion and a concept that I also practice in my everyday life, from recycling day-to-day to a “use what you have” notion when cooking in the kitchen. When designing I like to take a close look at what is existing and see what can be restored and repurposed in the design.

We reused most of the furnishings that we already had and added some fun accessories to give it a more laid back look that we love. I also painted the bottom half of the blanket basket as a way to repurpose and update something I already had. I love the two toned colors and texture.

I made sure the guitars were a visual part of the design, so it would remind him to play more! He doesnt always sing to me.. but when he does its always this cute! :)

The vintage suitcases were used by my mom and her brothers, and now I use them as a plant stand!

Wardrobe: Tusc Boutique

Model: Meghan Malfatti

Makeup: Michal Lauren MUA

Design/Styling: Malfatti Interiors

Photographer: Meagan Forbes

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