With a shared love for all things summer, a relaxed bohemian lifestyle, a choice in a mostly white color palette, an appreciation for raw and real materials, and a wanderlust passion for travel; It was just a matter of time that Tusc boutique and Malfatti Interiors joined forces. With all of these similarities we thought the Tusc girl in all her desert glory might also like to have a bohemian inspired space designed by Malfatti Interiors to bask in. 

So we teamed up to bring you a series of blog posts that show off how the tusc girl can implement her boho-baja lifestyle

 throughout her wardrobe and her home. All while getting jacked on espresso! Cheers!

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“Our heart is here by the ocean, so we really consider this our home.”

Some might refer to it as a carriage house, guest house, or garage aparament, but we like to call it the treehouse! Tucked back in the trees, what is our home for now will actually serve as our guest house or airbnb rental once our main house renovation is done  (estimated completion date for early 2018), but for now it has essentially taken on the role of our “first home” together.
My husband and I work in Raleigh, but we both have lived in Wilmington for 10 plus years now, and we continue to come down as much as possible. Our heart is here by the ocean, so we really consider this our home. When we need to seek sanctuary from our busy work lives in the triangle, this setting is the perfect retreat. We love turning the corner on our spanish oak canopy filled street, rolling down the windows, taking in the salty air, and pulling up to our little oasis. 
When I’m not designing or traveling, this is where I want to be. In our free time, we love to take our boat out to Masonboro island where I play with our dog, Bishop, while the hubs surfs. We also love to bike around to the beach, nearby parks, and local shops and restaurants. In the summers, we park the car and throw away the keys for the weekend and the only transportation we allow ourselves are bikes and boats! Its is a true escape from reality.  


Lets start off the house tour with what makes the treehouse a treehouse, the outdoor patio!

We love the outdoors and we take any chance we get to enjoy this outdoor space surrounded by trees! Facing the east, the patio is the perfect place to wake up with a cup of coffee watching the morning sunrise and the shade of the trees makes it perfect for escaping the hot summer sun in the afternoons. 

My obsession with plants is definitely apparent out here. Normally we like to fill the patio with all of our plant babies, yet during the winter months we place most of them inside by the windows to protect them from the overnight freezing temperatures. Living in the south, we are lucky to get some balmy winter days here where we like to bring our plants out on the patio to catch some rays. Honestly, my husband is the one in the family with the green thumb. I kill almost everything I look at, but I am working on upping my green thumb game, mainly because I just love them so much! 

Keeping the plants the main focus in the design, we kept to a neutral color pallet with a mix of materials and texture! The mixture of indigineous plants in the landscape with the tropical and desert type plants on the patio are an unexpected touch. The black and white lounge chairs are a DIY that I painted myself as well as the oversized pot filled with the fiddle leaf fig. The treestumps are the remains of a live oak tree, that we lost in hurricane Matthew, that now serve as our side tables and the blue agate slice windchime is something I collected as a kid. I like to play around with this space and move things around to keep it fresh and interesting, but for the most part, the lounge chairs feel most comfortable in this setting.

What’s nice about this space is that it’s very private and removed. I wanted it to feel like a very relaxing space, which is what I aim to create in all of my designs. A home that feels like a getaway!

What is your favorite part of the treehouse patio? I’d love to hear your thoughts!Stay tuned for next week when I reveal my second favorite space in the treehouse, the heart of the home! You can check out more of the #malfattitreehouse on my instagram account @malfattiinteriors and my soon to come website www.malfattiinteriors.com.


Meghan Malfatti


Wardrobe: Tusc Boutique

Model: Meghan Malfatti

Makeup: Michal Lauren MUA

Design/Styling: Malfatti Interiors

Photographer: Meagan Forbes

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