Uganda Fall in Love

Lagutu Village in Uganda came into my life out of nowhere. Summer of 2017 I started feeling a shift coming on in my life.  I was 31, unmarried, no kids, owned a salon, and achieved just about everything a Hairstylist could achieve. Once I made it to my biggest goal of owning a salon and working backstage at NY Fashion week, I thought well what’s next?  I was honestly lost even though I appeared from the outside to have it all together. It was a brief conversation that Carissa and I had over text that inspired me to find a church community. I figured if anything I can become closer to Jesus and devote time to community service.  I had no idea this small step would create massive ripples, altering my life forever. After some church dating I landed at Lifepoint Church, and heard about their Uganda child sponsorship. Thinking to myself, I don’t care to have children of my own but what a perfect way to be involved in a child’s life! I was aware of the church’s mission trip to Uganda in Summer of 2018, and was thinking about maybe doing it in 2019.  Knowing myself I would keep pushing off year after year and not going.

One day last fall I started researching the organization Lifepoint partners with, Sports Outreach. I came across information of them having a vocation program teaching hairdressing!  I immediately knew I had to jump at the opportunity to involve my craft in helping others. I signed up for the 2018 Uganda Mission Trip and never looked back. Little did I know I was going to be taken to a tiny village ( you can’t even find them on Google Maps) that would forever hold my heart.

While in Lagutu, Uganda I met 4 village girls of ages 12-15 that left a massive imprint on my heart(I cried every night at devotion over them).  You see most girls in the village between the ages of 10-18 don’t continue their schooling due to not being able to afford tuition fees. Most end up being married off, have kids, or stay at home to contribute to the household farm and duties. Because they live in extreme poverty the older girls education is not as necessary once they can bear children.  This crushed me! My mind raced with fear of my 4 girls and their friends possibly having the same outcome in their futures. I couldn’t allow it!

Upon returning, Carissa and I chatted about Uganda and the girls over pedicures.  Put two ADD boss babes together for too long and the ideas start rolling in and bangs are being cut in parking lots!  Together we decided we had to do our part and now Transformations for Lagutu is born! An event hosted by TUSC, I will be taking haircut appointments to donate the cut price to cover village girls’ school tuitions! Your transformation will be transforming the future for Lagutu girls!

-- Brandy Alexander 

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