lack of color

Lack of Color is the popular Australian label that produces a range of men’s and women’s hats available in seasonal colours and styles. Crafting effortless, creatively inspired style, comes the story of Lack of Color, a home grown Australian brand that’s image is anything but dull.

Founded with the vision to create innovative and wearable luxury, Lack of Color are makers of fine hats. Founded by creative couple Tess Corvaia and Robert Tilbury in 2011, Lack of Color offers contemporary style through their unique interpretations of timeless designs.

Lack of Color have reinvented the humble hat, making traditional shapes the modern must-haves with the use of colour, texture and superb finishes. With a distinctly Australian aesthetic and down-to-earth yet aspirational appeal, Lack of Color have become the quintessential accessory for an individual style statement.

Producing seasonal collections in a range of colours, fabrics and styles, Lack of Color create hats for both men and women. Working from day to night, poolside to festival dance floor and everywhere in between, Lack of Color offer boutique designs with global appeal, attracting legions of style icon fans including bloggers, influencers and celebrities.