Sharkbite x Tusc

Sharkbite x Tusc

An interview with Sarah, owner, founder, and maker at Sharkbite Jewelry

We are so honored to feature Sarah in our Tusc journal this week. Last month we hosted her in the shop and she offered her "with love always" permanent jewelry appointments as well as her beautiful jewels. The event was an absolute HIT and everyone that came into the store had something positive to say about the entire experience! We can't wait to have her back. 

Let us help you get to know Sarah and Sharkbite Jewelry: 


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why did you start shark bite x permanent jewelry?

I started Shark Bite on accident, my family has always collected and found shark teeth. One day I took one and made a necklace and then all of my friends, family, and co workers wanted one. I soon was getting comments all of the time asking where it was from. I then thought this could be a business, and then shark bite was born! Since then I have learned so much about sharks and the impact they have on the ocean and how important they are to our ecosystem! I have grown a love and passion for sharks and helping end shark finning. My newest business is “With love always” which is my permeant jewelry business! It means a lot to me because it is dedicated to my Grandma Sue who recently passed away. This business is in memory of her and a way to always feel her in my day to day life. I want people to feel loved and feel a sense of warmth and comfort in my jewelry. It isn’t just something cute to wear but can be something you share between you and your partner or you and one of your loved ones and way to remember or feel close to someone. Both of the businesses are not just jewelry but they also have meaning behind them!

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what is your passion?

I am very passionate about everything I do, if I do something I am going to put my all into it. I am passionate about creating and making a difference in what I create. I donate to many ocean and shark conservations.


what is your "big goal" with your jewelry businesses?

My goal is to have a store front and hopefully grow “Shark Bite” and “With love always”. I wold love to franchise and have multiple locations of “With love always”. I want to continue to grow and make a difference in the world. I also love creating a memory for others with their shark teeth, a lot of people will message me asking me to make something with the teeth they found as a child or creating a memory with teeth they found with a loved one!



what’s your dream?

I feel like I have so many dreams and aspirations. I want to be successful not only in business but in life! I hope to continue to grow and build in business. I am very excited for what the future holds! I have so any different business ventures I want to explore and venture into.


why do you make the jewelry the way you do?

I love being creative & I have always loved creating, and I think I saw an opportunity to create and have fun while doing it and then I turned it into and actual business and something for me to actually do for a living! I am so thankful that this is what I get to do for a living and to continue to be able to create pieces of jewelry that people love and can relate to.



Special thanks to Sarah taking the time to share bits of her story and heart with us and our very own Tusc Hunnie Taylor! We love you both deeply and are so excited for all that is to come on the horizon for you! 

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