February 12, 2018


New Beginnings...

 As many of y'all know, we have been planning on moving locations for over a year into the space we leased on Princess St. Recently the space fell through and we we began the search for our next location. We weren't worried because the lord has always guided us exactly where He wants us and knew that everything happens for a reason. 

We are over the moon to announce we will be moving to Mayfaire come this April! So excited to be neighbors to many wonderful boutiques and shops in that area. We will miss our downtown crew and are so grateful to have called Front St. our home for the past few years. Many friends have been made in our space downtown and we are happy to see what's in-store for this new location! 

We will be expanding our clothing and accessories as well as offering home goods, and a mama + littles section of everything "where the desert meets the sea." We hope that when you think Tusc you think- neutral tones, quality fabrics, artisan handcrafted, and one of a kind pieces.

We hope to inspire a feeling of light and beauty to all who enter this new space.

Below are images we've compiled as inspiration for our renovation. We will be releasing more posts during this process so please stay tuned!








November 01, 2017


Building Something Beautiful!


One beautiful element about MISSIO is that it brings people together around one common mission. It unifies. It creates an opportunity for greater things to be done through the hands of many. We are so excited to be “Building Something Beautiful” with our partner salons this month!
The first emergency shelter on the entire East Coast for victims of human trafficking is opening in November in Wilmington, NC. A Safe Place, one of our non-profit partners, is opening this home and we could not be more thrilled to be a part! We have the honor of furnishing the living area for this home that will welcome women in very vulnerable and hard situations. What an opportunity to create a beautiful, welcoming, freeing place for the beginning of their road to freedom!
This event will run from now until November 6th. We have created a registry for people to purchase items for the living room or give gift cards towards specific items. What a beautiful way for our community to come together and create a safe place for these women! Our Partner salons, stylists, and stores are already spreading the word, and we want to INVITE YOU- those on everyday mission- to JOIN US! Click the link below to be a part of “Building Something Beautiful”. Imagine what we can do together! 

A Safe Place in Wilmington, NC is opening a new emergency shelter for victims of human trafficking. This will be the first of it’s kind on the East Coast. MISSIO partner salons, stylists, clients and friends are joining together for a special fundraising event to help furnish the home!

HOW IT WORKS: All items that are open for direct purchase have been placed on a registry that can be viewed through this link:


1. Simply click on the link, scroll through and select an item you would like to purchase.

2. Pay for your item through the website registry

3. Upon checkout select “Building Something Beautiful address” for the items to be shipped. (This is the location where they will be stored until installation in the home on Nov.13th.) 

4. A thank you letter and tax deductible receipt will be sent to YOUR address (for any items purchased over $100).

Our goal is to get all items purchased by November 6th and then deliver and set up in the living room for their grand opening (Est. Nov 15th!)

Thank you so much for being a part of building something beautiful! Check out Facebook and Instagram for live updates!


May 30, 2017




Founded in 2016, MISSIO is a hair product company that exists to inspire and empower a movement of people in the fight against human trafficking. The experiences of stylist Lorin Van Zandt using beauty to help women emerging from human trafficking, alongside her husband Kyle's desire to fight this injustice, led them to create hair product with purpose.

They have created stylist-designed and salon-tested hair products that serve as a vehicle to educate salons in victim identification, mobilize stylists in beauty initiatives, and give to non-profit partners.

Their double-bottom-line approach is an innovative and effective way to reach customers who want their purchases to matter while unlocking the potential of the cosmetic industry to directly fight human trafficking.

Introducing MISSIO Hair from MISSIO Hair on Vimeo.

A lifetime of experiences and a deep passion to stand up for people in need led Lorin and Kyle Van Zandt to start MISSIO Hair in 2016. 

Lorin began doing hair when she was fifteen years old, and she quickly became passionate about beauty. She soon realized that beauty could be used to help people in need, and she began giving haircuts to the homeless, to those in drug rehab centers, and to refugees from around the world. 

Growing up, Kyle’s family worked extensively to alleviate the orphan crisis in eastern Europe following the collapse of communism. While working in the orphanages in Romania as a high schooler, he witnessed a young girl being sold on the side of the road. Although he was not fully aware what was going on at the time, this experience and many more changed his life.

When they got married after college, they were committed to using their gifts to help people and to inspire others to do the same. They both spent time as educators, working for non-profits, and Lorin became a professional hair stylist— working in salons and volunteering her time to serve those in difficult situations.

In 2013, she had the opportunity to work with victims of human trafficking for the first time. Many had just been rescued and were taken to safe places, and Lorin would to go meet them in secure locations. Lorin gave manicures, pedicures, and haircuts to women who didn’t believe they had worth after years of being forced into sex, sold and used as if they were nothing.

However, something as simple as a haircut led to something so big. For the first time in a long time, these women began to open up and began to believe in something new about themselves. Lorin and Kyle, along with the professionals they were working with, realized how important this could be to their overall recovery.

It was in those moments that the vision for MISSIO was born. With a desire to involve as many people to play a role in the fight against human trafficking, they developed hair product with purpose. For three years, they worked with experts on human trafficking prevention (professional counselors, law enforcement officers, lawmakers, prosecutors, local and global non-profits, etc.) to develop three tiers of initiatives.

For nearly a year they worked alongside cosmetics chemists to create stylist-designed and salon-tested hair products that serve as a vehicle for their initiatives:


01 — To educate salons in victim identification

02 — To mobilize stylists in beauty initiatives

03 — To give to non-profit partners


Their double-bottom-line approach is an innovative and effective way the reach customers who want their purchases to matter while unlocking the potential of the cosmetic industry to directly fight human trafficking.

So far, the response has been overwhelming. Salons are becoming equipped to identify potential victims, stylists are being trained and connected with victims of human trafficking to love, encourage, and remind them of their worth, and MISSIO is being enabled to give to it’s partner non-profits. All of this because of people joining the movement and choosing MISSIO Hair products, and this is just the beginning.  

With a background using multiple platforms to serve others, Lorin and Kyle believe that business can be a highly influential vehicle for change and mobilization.

MISSIO Hair is uniquely positioned to help others contribute to the prevention, rescue, and recovery of trafficked victims, all while providing amazing hair products to those who want their purchases to matter. Something as simple as an everyday hair product can contribute to an effective and widespread effort to fight one of the world’s greatest injustices. 


shop them here online + in our shop!

check out missiohair.com for more information + to follow their journey. 

April 14, 2017


March 28, 2017


The Treehouse Living Room

The Treehouse Living Room

We searched and searched for the perfect couch that would fit this small space. One that would be low enough to maximize the view of the trees (another reason why we call it the treehouse), wide enough for the both of us to lay on next to each other, be able to stretch out our feet, AND not break the bank. I know we rack up a tall order and Yes! we are those people that you see taking mini naps in the furniture stores, but we managed to do it! This couch is perfect for our little big family!

The pillow overload situation is not something my husband is very excited about. I admit I have a bit of an obsession with textured pillows. They are so much fun to play with and move around from the couch, to the bench seat in the dining room, to using them as accents on the bed. The neutral colors make them so easy to transition from one space to the next. But my husband is a less-is-more kinda guy when it comes to pillows, so I like to move them around so he doesnt notice all of them piled up at once ;) … and the pillow battle continues….

However, there is a mutual love for our cacti babies! Mo (my husband) is the one in the family with the green thumb, but I am just as good of a plant mom when it comes to cacti, since they are very low maintenance and hard to kill. I might just have to add some more to the collection! ;P Are you noticing a trend here?…?…

I also like to keep maximum pillows on the couch so this lil furry monster doesnt think its just another soft bed for him to shed on…. but that never lasts long, because my husband is a softy most of the time and moves the pillows so he can lay with us… (eyes rolling… I still love them!


— Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and there is potential in every space I see. Reusing and repurposing is a passion and a concept that I also practice in my everyday life, from recycling day-to-day to a “use what you have” notion when cooking in the kitchen. When designing I like to take a close look at what is existing and see what can be restored and repurposed in the design.

We reused most of the furnishings that we already had and added some fun accessories to give it a more laid back look that we love. I also painted the bottom half of the blanket basket as a way to repurpose and update something I already had. I love the two toned colors and texture.

I made sure the guitars were a visual part of the design, so it would remind him to play more! He doesnt always sing to me.. but when he does its always this cute! :)

The vintage suitcases were used by my mom and her brothers, and now I use them as a plant stand!

Wardrobe: Tusc Boutique

Model: Meghan Malfatti

Makeup: Michal Lauren MUA

Design/Styling: Malfatti Interiors

Photographer: Meagan Forbes

The Treehouse Dining Room

Just around the corner of the kitchen sits our lil dining nook. This cozy nook is a tunnel of light in the mornings, making it not only the perfect place to dine but to house lots of our plants and read a good book!🌿 Some of my favorite details about this dining room are the little things, like the wood lip detail running accross the window bench seat, the framed mermaid drawings from a local artist in Florida, and the cross hanging above the chalkboard door that reads one of my favorite versuses. “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

The bench cushion in the window was a fun and easy DIY project that my husband and I tackled one weekend. We wrapped linen fabric around foam, batting, and stapled it to the bottom of a plywood base - a quick no-sew project! 

This light fixture is a repurposed grape basket that was once used for collecting grapes to make wine! This one we bought at a local decor shop in downtown Wilmington.

Malfatti Interiors Mission; to create perfectly imperfect spaces that free you to live a happy life.


— Good design is a mix of high and low budget items. Compromise plays a huge factor in design, but when you have the choice, choose real. Glass jars versus plastic, real breathing plants instead of fake, and natural fibers versus synthetic are important details to choose when creating a timeless design.


— Believe in real materials and natural finishes - use nothing that is made to look like something else. There is nothing more beautiful than real wood floors in a natural oil finish that get better with age after each and every scratch. Real wood furniture of good quality is where I would suggest investing the most of your furniture budget. I like to incorporate pieces that have aged gracefully over the years or ones that I know will last a long time.  The beauty in the perfectly imperfect look of this reclaimed wood table is that I never have to worry about scratches and dings, because it only gets better with age.

‘’The beauty … of this reclaimed wood table is that I never have to worry about scratches and dings, because it only gets better with age.’’

I love this teak bar stand that holds bandanas that we use for table napkins. wine, and linen placemats. 

I have to admit, living in a small space, the dining table also serves as our workspace and is often covered in papers from time to time. In order to keep my organized-OCD-self sane, we created this lil shelf nook above the bar to quickly file away miscellaneous papers.

 As you can see, the dining room has many mixed uses, including Bishops second dog bed/cave…


Stay tuned for my next takeover tour of the living space! You can check out more of the #malfattitreehouse on my instagram account. A @malfattiinteriors and my soon to come website www.malfattiinteriors.com.



Meghan Malfatti


Wardrobe: Tusc Boutique

Makeup: Michal Lauren MUA

Design/Styling: Malfatti Interiors

Photographer: Meagan Forbes


January 16, 2017

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The Treehouse Kitchen Tour

Lets start off the kitchen tour with a lil’ rendition of a lazy Sunday morning flaxseed and blueberry pancake tradition. Can I just brag on my hubs a bit and say he is the best healthy pancake maker EVER!?! I’m not even sure how he makes them, and I don’t even really care, as long as I get to eat them. And trust me when I say healthy, because he is the biggest health food nazi. Lucky me, all I have to do is make a salad for the guy and he thinks I’m the best cook in the world. 






 Malfatti Interiors Mission; to create perfectly imperfect spaces that free you to live a happy life.


—  Some people that speak Italian may say I’m crazy for naming my interior design business Malfatti, since in Italian, it literally means “badly made”. It's another word for the pasta known as gnocchi, which got its name because of its uneven rigid shape. It is not perfectly shaped pasta, like the others, yet it is perfect in its own way, and just as delicious!

Although I wasn't born with the last name Malfatti, I believe it now defines who I have become since marrying the man of my dreams, freeing myself from the corporate world, and following in his entrepreneurial footsteps. I have always been an optimist, so naturally, if I can redefine this negative connotation and turn it into a positive, Malfatti is indeed perfectly imperfect and also defines a particular style you will find in my designs. I appreciate authentic furnishings and materials that have a lived-in and carefree aesthetic. I’m determined to bring that same perfectly imperfect strategy to the spaces I design to help create the laid-back lifestyle my husband and I enjoy so much.

“I appreciate authentic furnishings and materials that have a lived-in and care-free aesthetic.”

What I love so much about this kitchen is that it came together completely organically. There wasn’t really a set design plan, but over time we added the things we love, piece by piece, and it has morphed into a collected kitchen. We reused all of the appliances and countertops from the main house. We also repurposed the cabinets from the main house, painting them white and adding black metal pulls and brass bohemian knobs. The wood for the open shelving was left over from the outdoor patio build and we snagged the butcher block island from one of our many visits to the design market in High Point. 


— In order to free you to live a happy life, function must reign over form. Custom cabinetry is beautiful, but I love how open shelving almost forces you to clear out the clutter of the unused and stay organized. I like to keep this in mind when designing any space. How will it be used? How should it flow? How can it be more convenient? All factors to consider so the design fits your lifestyle.

The ingredients we stock at our coffee bar coincide with our love for an organic lifestyle as well as our love for a neutral color pallette. I love the simplicity of the glass jars filled with cocoa powder, coffee, coconut flakes, and honey. When we’re feeling extra old fashioned, we’ll even make our own almond milk from soaked almonds, coconut water, and medjool dates. In keeping with our goal of filling our home with things that are aestheticaly pleasing as well as becoming a plastic-free home, we got rid of the electric coffee maker and we only  make coffee with our stainless steel Bialetti espresso maker or glass French press. There is something so beautiful about waking up to the slow sound of coffee bubbling up and pouring over in the Bialetti. It also feeds into the nostalgia of our desire for a slower-paced lifestyle.


For the most part, I like to keep my counters as clear as possible, however, the wooden tray filled with everyday cooking essentials is nice to have out, as wells as the wooden cooking spoons in a stainless steel container. The magnetic knife holder on the wall is a lifesaver for my clean counter OCD-ness…



We love an open floor plan, and while the kitchen is fairly small, the natural transition to the living spaces gives it such an open and airy feeling. The white walls and wood beams that stretch along the entire roofline help blur the lines from room to room, and I love that even though this is essentially a one bedroom apartment, it really feels so much bigger than that. After all, that is the main goal, to keep a natural flow of connecting spaces. 

Stay tuned for my next takeover tour of the living and dining spaces! You can check out more of the #malfattitreehouse on my instagram account @malfattiinteriors and my soon to come website www.malfattiinteriors.com.



Meghan Malfatt

Wardrobe: Tusc Boutique

Model: Meghan Malfatti

Makeup: Michal Lauren MUA

Design/Styling: Malfatti Interiors

Photographer: Meagan Forbes

January 05, 2017



With a shared love for all things summer, a relaxed bohemian lifestyle, a choice in a mostly white color palette, an appreciation for raw and real materials, and a wanderlust passion for travel; It was just a matter of time that Tusc boutique and Malfatti Interiors joined forces. With all of these similarities we thought the Tusc girl in all her desert glory might also like to have a bohemian inspired space designed by Malfatti Interiors to bask in. 

So we teamed up to bring you a series of blog posts that show off how the tusc girl can implement her boho-baja lifestyle

 throughout her wardrobe and her home. All while getting jacked on espresso! Cheers!

(Blouse - Jens Pirate Booty Top - available at Tusc Boutique!)


“Our heart is here by the ocean, so we really consider this our home.”

Some might refer to it as a carriage house, guest house, or garage aparament, but we like to call it the treehouse! Tucked back in the trees, what is our home for now will actually serve as our guest house or airbnb rental once our main house renovation is done  (estimated completion date for early 2018), but for now it has essentially taken on the role of our “first home” together.
My husband and I work in Raleigh, but we both have lived in Wilmington for 10 plus years now, and we continue to come down as much as possible. Our heart is here by the ocean, so we really consider this our home. When we need to seek sanctuary from our busy work lives in the triangle, this setting is the perfect retreat. We love turning the corner on our spanish oak canopy filled street, rolling down the windows, taking in the salty air, and pulling up to our little oasis. 
When I’m not designing or traveling, this is where I want to be. In our free time, we love to take our boat out to Masonboro island where I play with our dog, Bishop, while the hubs surfs. We also love to bike around to the beach, nearby parks, and local shops and restaurants. In the summers, we park the car and throw away the keys for the weekend and the only transportation we allow ourselves are bikes and boats! Its is a true escape from reality.  


Lets start off the house tour with what makes the treehouse a treehouse, the outdoor patio!

We love the outdoors and we take any chance we get to enjoy this outdoor space surrounded by trees! Facing the east, the patio is the perfect place to wake up with a cup of coffee watching the morning sunrise and the shade of the trees makes it perfect for escaping the hot summer sun in the afternoons. 

My obsession with plants is definitely apparent out here. Normally we like to fill the patio with all of our plant babies, yet during the winter months we place most of them inside by the windows to protect them from the overnight freezing temperatures. Living in the south, we are lucky to get some balmy winter days here where we like to bring our plants out on the patio to catch some rays. Honestly, my husband is the one in the family with the green thumb. I kill almost everything I look at, but I am working on upping my green thumb game, mainly because I just love them so much! 

Keeping the plants the main focus in the design, we kept to a neutral color pallet with a mix of materials and texture! The mixture of indigineous plants in the landscape with the tropical and desert type plants on the patio are an unexpected touch. The black and white lounge chairs are a DIY that I painted myself as well as the oversized pot filled with the fiddle leaf fig. The treestumps are the remains of a live oak tree, that we lost in hurricane Matthew, that now serve as our side tables and the blue agate slice windchime is something I collected as a kid. I like to play around with this space and move things around to keep it fresh and interesting, but for the most part, the lounge chairs feel most comfortable in this setting.

What’s nice about this space is that it’s very private and removed. I wanted it to feel like a very relaxing space, which is what I aim to create in all of my designs. A home that feels like a getaway!

What is your favorite part of the treehouse patio? I’d love to hear your thoughts!Stay tuned for next week when I reveal my second favorite space in the treehouse, the heart of the home! You can check out more of the #malfattitreehouse on my instagram account @malfattiinteriors and my soon to come website www.malfattiinteriors.com.


Meghan Malfatti


Wardrobe: Tusc Boutique

Model: Meghan Malfatti

Makeup: Michal Lauren MUA

Design/Styling: Malfatti Interiors

Photographer: Meagan Forbes

July 25, 2016


How to: Keep your Favorite Plants Alive

Thought we'd pass along a blog done by Studio Mcgee / created in a spare bedroom with lots of big ideas and no room for fabric samples. They now run a quickly growing design firm based in Salt Lake City and serve clients nationwide.

"We love to bring the outside in and add a little greenery in any kind of space! Today we've rounded up some of our favorite indoor plants + planters AND how to take care of them! Some can be used as a statement piece in the living room or a simple accent on a bookcase. Either way, plants add so much life and character to your home. Head over to your local nursery this week to pick up your favorite!" 

article via studio mcgee

bohemian-white, in the kitchen.


Bring island flair into your home this summer with woven basket textures, a single huge palm leaf in an interesting jar, or open shelving that includes a few treasured items. And don't forget that classic woodie surfboard to adorn the wall.


follow our boho-baja inspired design here.


all my love, carissa