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Packing For Your Tropical Vacation

Packing For Your Tropical Vacation

Hello friends! Anna here, I just recently got back from a week spent in Puerto Rico with a few of my closest friends. I used to be the most chronic over-packer; anytime I was traveling I'd always pack way more than I needed and still felt like I didn't have anything to wear. 

I started a Capsule Wardrobe last year and it has literally changed my life (not be dramatic). I share all about my journey to a more minimal and thoughtful wardrobe on my instagram. If you too are a recovering over-consumer and shopaholic like myself, you might enjoy it haha! 

But back to my trip: with summer coming and vacations/trips on the horizon I thought I'd share my tips to packing light as well as some of my favorite and most worn things I brought this time around. 



Pack For The Season

I realized this trip that one thing that would lead to overpacking was my tendency to overlook the weather. I almost packed denim jeans, boots, and lace up sneakers, but it was going to be 88 degrees every day we were there. The last thing I want to do after laying out at the beach is pull heavy weight denim up my sunburnt, sandy legs. Instead, I packed lightweight linen trousers, cotton shorts, and sandals. 

Puerto Rico Vacation Outfit


My most worn pair of pants are the Fia Pants by Sancia- worth every bit and one of the best investments I've made in my wardrobe. We currently have the dreamiest selection of linen at Tusc right now! 

And when it comes to sandals, all you really need is a pair to wear out and about and a pair you don't mind getting wet or sandy. 


leather sandals by Alohas for summer


Packing Only What You Need

Notice how I only mentioned two pairs of sandals, not five? Yeah, you're talking to the girl that would pack 5 pairs of the same version of the same shoe because "you just never know" and 3 of those 5 would still be in my suitcase at the end of my trip. 


Five Things I'm So Glad I Packed

There were a handful of things I was so thankful I packed for this trip and will absolutely be packing again for my next tropical vacation. 

1.) More than one swimsuit!

Because no one wants to put a wet bathing suit back on for a sunset dip after you've already spent the day at the beach! 

a few Tusc favorites at the moment: 

Terazzo Bralette

Limonata Vacation Onepiece

Almond Rib Oncepiece


2.) Linen Trousers

I already listed out some of my favorites in the shop right now but I kid you not y'all, these were my most worn clothing item. They are just so easy to toss on over a swim suit or dress up nice for a dinner out. They are so comfortable and you can't go wrong with the lightweight, breathable material. 

look how cute Katelyn looks in the Jude Pants in the color black

3.) A Straw Hat

I thought at first I might be annoyed having to carry it around in the airport but NO! It was so worth it to have it. By day 2 I was already looking a little toasty from the sun. It was so nice to have the option to shield my face and shoulders from the sun but still get to play in the sun. And it's a great option when your hair is salty from the ocean but you don't wanna wash and style it, ya know? This one at TUSC is so cute (click here)
Beach vacation girl in straw hat

4.) Dresses

There is nothing easier than tossing a dress on for dinner out and about. Post beach day I want cool and comfortable and dresses provide that while also making you feel put together. They also pack easy and don't take up too much space. A summer dress is just classic. 
A few of my favorites at TUSC right now: 

5.) Shorts

Another "gotta have" for your next tropical vacation. Shorts are just easy baby. So practical and great for everyday wear. I loving having shorts to toss on on our way out the door for lunch or over a swim suit.
Shorts I'm loving at TUSC right now: 

In closing : 

You don't need as much as you might think, and turns out you'll feel less stressed and flustered packing, when you pack light. I hope this helped inspire you a bit and as always, thank you for choosing to shop with us at TUSC for your trips, vacations, and your everyday wear. We hope we can play a small role in helping you create a thoughtful and intentional wardrobe that you love! 


Oct 26, 2023

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