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New Mama Must-Haves

New Mama Must-Haves

Hey sweet ladies! Carissa here, I wanted to create a list of my top 5 favorite items to add to a baby registry for a first time mama! There's literally a gazillion things to add these days and it can be hard to pick what's truly a necessity.

I'm personally a "less is more" mama when it comes to things for my littles. After three babies I've learned this to be true. Babies really don't need much, especially in those first few months. Here are my 5 fave must-haves for new mamas: 

1) Moses Basket

For newborns up until the first 4 months of life, I laid my baby to nap in these suckers! They are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they're handmade from natural fibers- so no toxic chemicals! The handles make it nice so you can cart your sleeping babe around the house to whatever room you want to be in. So helpful while cooking dinner, folding laundry, etc. I also, used it a lot when lugging my nuggets to the beach. 


2) Knit Baby Blanket

An organic, knitted baby blanket is my most favorite type of swaddle. It has a little give to it, so your baby doesn't pop its sweet little arms right out of it during sleep (which helps you sleep longer too). It keeps a snugger fit and is so cozy. My babies also used their blankets as their 'lovey' and still sleep with them in their beds. 


3) Snuggle Me

I placed our "Snuggle me" inside our Moses basket when my babies were itty bitty for coziness and support/structure. I also loved this beside me in the bed for the nights when my little monkey wouldn't let me sleep without being close to them. It's like the most comforting pillow and also frees up your hands while your baby is beside you. I also used to tuck a swaddle around them and under the bottom for added coziness and I loved having a safe place to lay them without having to worry.


4) Woven Basket

I use these for diapers and wipe storage for our living room or bedroom. So practical in those early days to have "stations" around the house so you always have what you need, where ever you are with your babe. I love having a pretty way to display or conceal the necessities. You can also use them as a purse or diaper bag like me lol. These baskets have turned into my shopping baskets, picnic baskets, lunch baskets, toy baskets etc. There's no item I have used more than these! Also-- not all baskets are made the same! Quality is so important and they are worth the investment. So don't skimp out on a similar look with a less durable make!


5) Changing Pad

I love these changing pads more than any other! They are beautiful quilted pads with a snap closure front and a handle. They perfectly store your diapers and wipes inside the deep pockets. I love that they are organic and can be washed in the washing machine so easily as well. I noticed I didn't really use my 'real' changing pad on top of the dresser/changing table in the nursery and always ended up changing my diapers on the couch, floor, or bed. So these come in handy!


Other random items I'm obsessed with AT TUSC: 

Soft Swaddle

Handmade Stuffy, 

Gathre Mat

Baby Gown & Hat,

2-pack Waffle Bodysuit

We know our Tusc community is made up of many mamas and we want our shop and brand to also serve as a resource to you as seasons change, and your family grows. We will be featuring another TUSC mama, Taylor Magruder, in the next couple of weeks as well to share her top 5 "new mama must-haves!" so be on the look out for that! And I'll also be putting together a postpartum 'kit' journal with all of my tips for how to take care of yourself after birthing your sweet one!

With Love,


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