Intentional Homemaking with Tusc

Intentional Homemaking with Tusc

Homemaking With Memories In Mind

Every new year it happens the same for me. I'm not sure if you are like this at all, but I seem to get hit with spring cleaning way too early! I clean and clear all of my Christmas decorations and start to reorganize my home. This year I have felt a strong desire to not only clean and organize- but also to cozy-up my home

The past few years design trends have had a strong emphasis on minimal home decor and a stripped back look. I think it’s great to not clutter up your space, but it also feels so homey and organic to beautify our spaces with special items that give it character. It creates an environment that makes you feel like you're tucked into a mothers embrace. Like memories of going to grandma's house or mama's house; always finding little trinkets, vintage rugs and throw pillows etc. It brings me back to those memories, and makes me feel truly at home when I fill my space with things like this!  

When our team was dreaming up the new year I wanted to curate home items like these to help you design a space that feels warm and inviting. I encourage you to step away from the trendy and modern thinking (unless of course you love that), and make your bungalow a thoughtfully curated oasis for the winter months. Here are a few items we have added to our boutique's home collection, and since we are emphasizing sustainability, these items are durable and made for you to treasure for years to come:

vintage turkish throw pillows


Vintage Rug Pillow

Starting with our handmade throw pillows. They are made from reclaimed Turkish rugs. Each rug has been skillfully hand knotted making them incredibly durable combined with genuine craftsmanship. They offer a reflection of generations of knowledge and inspiration from the maker’s way of life. I love that no two are exactly alike and they each vary slightly. Tossing a few of these on your sofa or guest bed makes such an impact on the space.

Moira Lumbar Pillow Case

vintage turkish throw pillow on bed



Moving on to glassware, so much of the gathering we do within our homes is around the table. Some of my fondest memories with people I love involve sharing a meal together. And when you think about it, we eat at least three times a day, might as well have things to drink out of and eat off of that we LOVE! 

Our new recycled glassware from Half United perfectly encompasses the idea of thoughtful and intentional decor. Each piece is hand-blown allowing for variations and personality in bubbles and hues. Available three colorways: Clear, Amethyst, and Amber.

Alicia Short Glasses

Luciana Wine Glasses

Emilie Tall Glasses

Izabella Glass Bottle

hand blown glass carafe


 9" Beeswax Taper Candles

Going along with our tablescapes and settings, bring some color into your home with some of our taper candles mixed with beeswax and paraffin. We also offer brass candlestick holders. adding a pop of color to your brass candlestick holders makes for an eye-catching look to adorn any table of mantle.



Jade | vintage turkish rug

Tempra Turkish Rug

Similar to our throw pillows, our variety of handmade, vintage, Turkish rugs help carry on the nostalgia and timeless look throughout your entire home. Each rug is completely one of a kind and will show age-related wear and patina which is considered normal in these unique rugs. Be sure to check out all of the other styles and rugs we have!


Another key piece to making your home a host for memories and intentionality is having a signature fragrance, i.e. the way your house smells. Our brain is programed to associate certain smells with memories and having a signature scent within your home will help your guests and family members connect the dots! We love our fragrances created by the Coqui Coqui Perfumeria. All of their scents smell of simpler times past and instantly transport you to a tropical, tranquil, oasis. My current favorite is the Coco Coco inspired by the paradise shores of Sian Ka´an. Coco Coco turns to the Yucatan’s green coconut as its source, creating fresh, modern and verdant notes, in addition to the classic milky sweet, velvety, vanilla fragrance. Coco Coco is sensual and crisp, transporting the wearer to tropical paradise fantasies.


When I think of my grandma's house I can picture all of her cookbooks tucked away on her kitchen counter. There is something so nostalgic about cooking a recipe from a cook book vs. looking it up online or referencing it on your phone. We have a huge variety of different cookbooks for everyday life and specialty dinners alike. 

Here are a few of my favorites

Half Baked Harvest

Portugal: The Cookbook


I hope these pieces inspire you to look at decor and design in a different way. One of my biggest focuses when I stock the shop is to have pieces that are both timeless and sustainable- meaning made with quality materials and by handy craftsman. My prayer that when you step into Tusc to see that in every product but especially in our home goods. If you haven't been in the shop recently please come and swing by and as always, Thank you for shopping with us and supporting our beautiful ministry to see women changed and impacted by the Love of Jesus! 

-With Love, 


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